Ban Dalah Pai Resort
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Ban Dalah, one of Pai's most contemporary new resorts sits nestled like a diamond in a sea of emerald green. The panoramic view across the tranquil rice fields to the mountains in the east is a feast for the senses.

Witnessing the sunrise over the eastern mountains from the comfort of your own private patio gives you a brief glimpse of the perfection of nature. For the discerning traveler this is an ideal destination to simply recharge in the most luxurious way and partake in the serenity that is Pai. Away from the hustle and bustle of village life Ban Dalah is situated on the western slopes above Pai with breathtaking vistas of the whole valley.

Yet for all that, it is close enough--only 5 minutes by bike--to go and enjoy a quiet nighttime stroll through the many quaint stalls or to seek out the many and various attractions of the valley. Ban Dalah has been designed with aesthetic flair, love for the countryside and a discerning knowledge of what the world traveler desires.

Its friendly personnel are here to insure you experience the tradition that is Pai and more importantly, leave you with something unspoken: a memory of a quieter way of life.
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